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Hello! Andrew here. This is my Vimeo page for all my commercial video work. Shooting & Editing. I do it all. Always with a second shooter. Here you'll see Weddings, Parties, Barmitzvah's, Travel, Fashion, etc. I see myself mostly as a story-teller. A documentary shooter with a twist. I prefer to focus on the light side of life, mixing fun, energy, and comedy to go along with the beautiful moments from all these events. My editing is condensed too. No two hour videos for me. An event should be between 30 minutes and an hour. That means that family, relatives and friends will actually want to see your videos. Twice. What also separates me from others, is the asking of my "questions" which allows all guests to respond to funny yet smart thoughts about the couple, bar mitzvah, or party guests. These questions break up any event, and keep it rolling along! Notice the super-8 film mixed in to many events as well. Its Art. Its life. It's me. ~Andrew Einhorn

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