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R&B singer/songwriter Andre, was born in San Francisco, CA.
Raised in a musical family, Andre’s love of music, and singing particularly, was noticed instantly. He began recording in his parents small home, almost as soon as he could speak. His first stage performance at the age of Five, was with his multi talented, singer/songwriter/ musician father, Andre Williams Sr., who took him to countless rehearsals, and performances, while spending hours in the car just singing with the child.
Andre’s first taste of the music business, included being groomed and mentored by singer/songwriter, Nicholas Caldwell, of legendary R&B dance vocal group, The Whispers, and rap superstar, MC Hammer. A bond was formed, and soon after Andre signed his first recording deal with MC Hammer’s Roll Wit It Ent. Andre continued honing his craft, touring with MC Hammer, singing with friends in talent shows, MLB games, and various local events. Shortly after high school, he became a vocalist in the Marin County based group, Pleasure Point, touring Northern California, with hip-hop group High Intent.
Today, Andre continues to pursue his musical, as well as philanthropic aspirations, touring, recording and performing with like minded artists, as well as working to provide charitable avenues to his community.


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