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Andrew Media's aim is to enable you to relive one of the happiest days of your life again and again! Whatever your theme we strive to capture the essence of the day and incorporate a similar vibe to your wedding video. We allow our clients to have creative input so if you have any particular wishes for your video we will try our best to fulfil it.

With Andrew Media Weddings your wedding video will have some special touches making it stand out from the rest. Not only will you have footage of the whole day but Andrew Media also make many short videos highlighting all the best parts of the day. This includes a 5 min trailer of the whole wedding experience which is great for showing family and friends. As well as a beautiful music video of the couples shoot with all the romantic stolen moments of the day.

Andrew Media Weddings use special effects and the latest editing technology to give you high quality and extremely creative work. Check out the samples on our website to get an idea of the uniqueness and beauty you can expect from an Andrew Media Wedding video.

The wedding only lasts a day but with a wedding video we can ensure it's a day you never forget!

We look forward to working with you!

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