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I am a highly talented, energetic and enthusiastic Sound Designer who specialises in audio artistry for film, television, animation, theatre and games. Through working in a range of stimulating media and artistic productions I have forged a highly creative and innovative approach to my sound design. I have amassed a great amount of skills and knowledge in a variety audio design aesthetics, and this coupled with my passion for all things audio, will assuredly provide your project with a committed, collaborative and dynamic working approach that will enable an open, relaxed and enjoyable working atmosphere for my clients.

All my sound design work has involved a substantial amount of research, Foley creation, SFX creation, location recording, ADR, tracklaying, editing, mixing and mastering in a production and post production setting.


  1. Radium Audio Ltd
  2. Jon Nicholls
  3. Tom DW
  4. Nick Welbourn
  5. Zelig Sound: Composition & Sound
  6. Jeff Schmidt
  7. Matt Dichirico
  8. PRA
  9. Eighty Four Films
  10. Daniel McGarrigle
  11. Ben Thomas
  12. Krishnan Subramanian
  13. small time inc.
  14. Denis Constantinou
  15. Computer Arts Portugal
  16. Berna EKIM
  17. Jack Westmore
  18. The Animation Workshop

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