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Born in 1981 in a tiny town of the Pre-Ural region, Votkinsk, Andrey Pushkarev is a Russian DJ recognized worldwide. He started DJ-ing at the age of 15 without any prior musical education. After moving to Moscow in 2000, while performing at night, during the day he started to work for the Russian branch of the German music distribution company TraumBaum. For 3 years he was overseeing exclusive import of foreign vinyl and DJ gear into Russia. Gradually, he assembled his own collection of 5 000 rare records. In 2006, Pushkarev became a resident DJ of the unique web radio that was broadcasting non-commercial techno music for free and without any advertising to 6 000 monthly listeners from 53 countries till the end of summer 2011. As a result of his unusual, deep, melodic and uncompromising techno broadcasts, Pushkarev quickly became known worldwide. His first DJ performance outside of Russia, in 2007, in France, followed by tours in Europe, South America and USA. He appeared as the main protagonist of the 2013 documentary feature film Kvadrat, exploring the realities of techno DJing, shot in 5 countries.

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