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Working within and between the fields of architecture and photography, video and sound, I look first and foremost to create, record and reproduce experiences. Experience…A better word I cannot find for that which concerns me; the spaces we inhabit and interact with; urban, domestic, underfoot, high above. The re-representation of visions, moments, emotions. The reassembling of these things into abstractions of reality.

In the field of architecture my work has been fortunate to cover diverse areas: urban design, civic architecture, multi-dwelling residences, private homes, shops and interiors, working in collaboration with architectural practices in Scotland, Iceland, and Belgium. My education and experiences in this field have allowed me to appreciate the immense importance, complexity and beauty of our built and unbuilt environments. My architectural portfolio is viewable through contacting me directly.

In the fields of photography and videography I have undertaken and been commissioned for urban studies, works of architecture, interiors and product design. Sometimes the work itself is already complete, sometimes the work is ongoing. It began, however, from a naïve fascination with the beauty of things: be they extraordinary, banal, fleeting, everyday. The day I lose this, is the day I stop taking photos and videos.

This website is an introduction to my work to date, primarily in the fields of photography, film, and audiovisual works. It is difficult to organise every project neatly into one category, therefore they are arranged more or less chronologically.

Andri Haflidason,



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