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Michael Andritsopoulos is a composer from Greece. He was born in 1981 and for the time being, he lives and works in Athens. He has completed his studies on Classical Theory and Harmony ,Counterpoint, Fugue, Composition and electro acoustic music at the Musical Praxis Conservatory in Athens. He's also a Fellow of the London College (FLCM in Composition).

He dealt with classical guitar and piano, and reached an advanced level. In addition, he has the adequacy in electric guitar (100/100 on grade 8 and DipLCM in teaching) as well as in classical and popular music theory, from London College of Music, of Thames Valley University.

His compositions have framed a number of documentaries as well as several theatrical representations by various theater companies. A lot of his instrumental pieces have been awarded in international competitions, but also some of his painting and literary attempts have been distinguished as well.

His work, from the viewpoint of orchestral thought, is dominated by a post- impressionistic element, woven with innovatory approaches, and is also characterized by a mystic- metaphysical tendency.

Today he is a Theory of Music and Guitar Professor, and the writer of an electric guitar learning method.

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  • Personal Site - Here you can find my full bio and many samples of my music.


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