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2014 Lucia Neare's Theatrical Wonders: recipient of a Doris Duke Impact Award.
2013 JULEP, CEW Beauty Insiders’ Choice Awards: winner 'Indie Beauty Award'.
2012 Bardouille Production's 'Dominica': WINNER Best Documentary Short TWIFF
Over the years many of the videos I've produced have helped my client's win awards.

I'm passionate about filmmaking, particularly editing and post-production; creating the best visual/audio experience I can given the materials at hand. I've always loved doing this from the early days of 2 and 3 machine tape editing to flatbed one-light cut and tape to todays miriad software applications. I LOVE EDITING. I'm also really good with a camera and audio and lighting too. And i like coffee.

I'm always looking to collaborate with other cinematographers / videographers / film-makers.
Please take a look at my work here. Leave me a comment, get in touch.


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