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New York, NY

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With an MFA in narrative film directing from Columbia University (NYC), Fortenbacher has built a portfolio that is rich with stories about characters that battle their personal and external difficulties. He is particularly interested in dark dramas and genres such as suspense, thriller, and comedy; furthermore, he certainly isn’t afraid to mix genres either.

Fortenbacher believes that exceptional work is the culmination of strong collaboration. As a result, he relies on his team while meticulously focusing on the details to achieve polished results on each project.

Fortenbacher is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild and has a high level of training in camera and lighting technique. He also has an extensive background in post-production editing and sound design; he strives to stay current as technology and workflows evolve. Fortenbacher’s technical proficiency produces a highly visual and auditory style that enhances his ability to tell his stories, while working within budget, crew, and schedule constraints.

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