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Angel has worked on several different Short Films and Video Games. She loves being around driven, passionate individuals who are self-starters like herself. She likes providing innovative and creative ideas for her team to succeed during projects.

Her current side project includes "Whispering Willows," a horror puzzle game being developed for OUYA platform, Windows, Mac, and Linux. She has helped her team create a variety of different assets for the new game which beta released in August 2013. So far this game has won several awards and accomplishments:

OUYA CREATE Game Jam - Winner for “Most Immersive,” finalist for “Grand Prize,” and finalist for “Best Visuals”
Captivate Conference Game Design Competition – Finalist
Successful Kickstarter – Earned over $20,000 with 750 backers
Cerebral Indie Developer Grant – Winner
Seattle Indie Game Competition - Winner

Specialties: Animation, Storyboard, Layout, Previs, Video Games, Texture Painting, Video Editing, Concept, 2-D Visuals, 3-D Art, Mobile, Apps

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