Angelica Bergamini

Brooklyn, New York

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Angelica Bergamini is an Italian NY-based artist.
After studying art at the Florence College of Fine Arts (Italy) and at the University of Granada (Spain), she started her training in Colors Psychology at The Art & Science International Academy of Color Technologies (England).
Her artistic research explores the innest meaning of colors in a sort of open dialogue with human emotions and natural/abstract shapes, while her experimental attitude makes her artworks to attain different media: from painting and paper-cuts assemblages to video and sculptural installations, in an untiring experimentation of shapes and materials.
Cross-cultural studies, and a deep interest for philosophy also guide great part of her creation, generating a fascinating porosity between aesthetic and ethic values.
In the last years she’s also been focusing on design-art turning conceptual and archetypal ideas into tangible and functional wearables.

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