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I´m Angel Unthinkable. A 19 year old Artist in love with truth and fantasy of life who´s biggest desire is that my soul will be known.

I recently started singing, while I was trapped in a nightmare one I never even dared to dream, When I was on vacation in Sweden I was taken by the social services and acused of things I never did. It took me three heavy months to prove the fact that I was innocent, to win the trail and to be released by the judge. In the meanwhile I was kept at a institution for troubled teenagers. I was there; a 19 year old innocent women without having any freedom. Although the despair rested deep within me I stayed myself while trying to find a little bit of sunlight in what seemed to be a everlasting winter. The only positive thing in there was being with my music and art teachers. They really kept the creativity in me alive and made me discover my own singing. In their classes I could be free of mind for a while and that was the release that I needed. To feel for a moment like a bird again. There is where I discovered my greatest passion besides writing which I have been doing since the age of 12. I´m a poet who reads shadows and paints them with different colors and different views. I´m openminded and never judge any one. My favorite Phrase is "Treat every one the way you wish to be treated"

I´m not afriad to write what I think and to deal with subjects that are not commenly spoken of such as: Abusive relationships, addiction, erotism, violence, despair, love and longing
I write about the darkness of the reality where we live in.
Most of my pieces are considered sad and melancholic however I´m not a sad person at all I would describe me as a very energetic and positive person

I take my inspiration from all over the world, from those smaller artists we don´t know so much about such as: Gem club, Dakota suite, The irrepressibles, Robot koch, AaRon, The xx, Susie Suh, Paul Hartnoll, Jerry Burns, Hiatus, J.Pee.j, Above and Beyond, Anathema, Trading Yesterday, Lifehouse, Yoav,Emily browning, Mt Eden, Apparat, Jake Walden, Jimmy eat world, Keane, Michelle featherly, daughter,zola jesus,lamb,plumb.christoph bergs.

And those better known artists such as:
Snow patrol, Eminem, Skylar grey, Adele, Damien Rice, Alicia Keys, Evanescence, The Verve, Birdy, Ed sheeran, Coldplay, The killers, Joshua Radin, Regina Spektor, Florence and the machine.

I love music most of all, but also movies are a big part of where my inspiration comes from. I loves the movies:
Candy, Modigliani, If only, Griffin and Phoenix, Sucker Punch, The fountain, The great Gatsby, One day, Elegy, Dying young, Autumn in new york, 500 Days of Summer, Inception. Although Johnny depp stays my favorite actor on a shared first place with Leonardo Dicaprio.

I create and collect my thoughts on certain things in a poetic way and write it down most of the time as poetry. I learn art every day in expressing feelings and emotions through words trying to give the ink a depth of purity and sense and to enlighten pain by expressing it on paper.

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