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D. Chase Angier - Interdiscipliary Artist based in Choreography. Professor and Dance Program Director at Alfred University
As Artistic Director of Angier Performance Works, D. Chase Angier creates, designs, sculpts, choreographs and performs interdisciplinary performance installations, site-specific performances and walking performances pieces. These intuitively driven works are often created in collaboration with dynamic artists in the visual arts, performance, music, theater and dance, and have been exhibited internationally (Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom) and nationally in galleries, theaters, and visually inspiring sites. Angier lives and works both in Brooklyn, NY and in Alfred, NY where she is a tenured Professor. Her site works have been performed in a variety of spaces: an abandoned bank; a historic Elks Club, a storefront, and a church in Hornell New York; in the streets of Prague, Czech Republic; gardens and a train station in Japan; a bus stop, café and park in Wales; in, on and around lakes; the Tiergarten in Berlin; and a gallery window in NYC, to name a few. She also creates environments from dirt, mylar, rice, rocks – materials that she can sculpt, and then choreographs or directs performance within those environments. Her work has been shown in the visual art, theater, and site specific contexts, and she has spoken at visual art, design, and performing arts conferences about creating site inspired interdisciplinary work. Angier also teaches workshops and courses in site specific choreography and dance both internationally and nationally. She received her MFA in Choreography from The Ohio State University and her BA in Dance from UCLA. For more information please visit angierperformanceworks.com or Angier Performance Works on Facebook.

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