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Anibar, is the name that represents the only International Animation Festival in Kosovo which is being held from 22nd to 27th of August. Peja, is the name of the venue where Anibar is taking place, and it has a lot to offer to people who visit it. With its natural and cultural beauties, Peja makes a fine venue for our festival to function very well. Being its third year Anibar has earned the prestige of having a large number of animated films that are being screened in the open-air and closed cinemas created by the enthusiasts that organize Anibar. Anibar was established by the need of having animated films that would be produced in Kosovo and for screening films to the public. During the last two years Anibar has been the organizer of a series of cultural events which promote the production of animated films and their screening. With its cinemas organized for being the venue of screening the films, Anibar has shown emotions to the public and has stimulated the flow of their imagination. Films that are projected in Anibar cinemas have themes of social, economic, environmental, and exploit various animation techniques. An important component of Anibar is also holding training sessions, the goal of which is to develop animation and different techniques.

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