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Born in India, Richa moved to Australia at the age of ten with her parents and two sisters. From an early age she was consumed by wanderlust and began garnering her passion to travel and explore. After globetrotting around forty countries, including living in San Francisco, her current stomping ground is New York City; a city she often refers to as a place of energy and a womb of creativity. Her fervor is genuine and especially shines when she talks about her latest film project − Arranged With Love − a documentary focusing on arranged marriages and the love that goes into and envelopes them. She jokes that her previous employment in IT is a typical career choice for an Indian, aka “Indian Technology”. But her impressive background has only sparked her spirit to learn new things, create new things, and by the power of film, make new things.

Richa’s eagerness in film and its voice, is a result of the many cultures she has had the privilege of experiencing. Her Indian roots have taught her the wisdom of spirituality, impermanence and collective community coupled with her Australian upbringing of egalitarianism, Richa enjoys a carefree life that values the power of positive thinking while staying down to earth. While she has embraced and enjoys Western Culture, she values Eastern philosophy as a teaching mechanism for the future. After talking with her parent’s − both who are the product of a successful arranged marriage – Richa wanted to portray her culture’s institution of marriage by making a film that showcases the positive side of arranged marriage.

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