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Anima Boutique is a creative production company and animation studio based in Helsinki, Finland. We offer contemporary animation, visual design and storytelling. Our shared passion is to breathe life into a wide variety of digital and analogue animated content.

We provide services in character design & animation production and create original intellectual properties. Our creative team design and produces content across all digital media including advertising, sales films, demos, internal communication, corporate films, infomercials, music videos, tv-shows, short films, viral series, virtual characters, toys, games, exhibitions and apps.

We love what we do and do what we love. And it shows in the work that we put out.

Contact info:

Misha Lagerstedt
CEO / Producer
mob. +358 50 449 3443

Ville Salervo
Design Director
mob. +358 50 541 2827

Anima Boutique Oy, Yrjönkatu 18 00120 Helsinki, Finland

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