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ANIMALS is a Tromsø based experimental record label founded in 2013 by Simon Daniel Tegnander and Ørjan Amundsen at the Academy of Contemporary Art in Tromsø. It works as a collaborative platform for artists and musicians, a playground for exploring sound related material in an open and creative environment. It’s about creating a friend network that’s constantly expanding and making new connections, and through that, being able to host events, book concerts and publish records. Our goal is to share good music, new ideas and make way for new artistic experiences.

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  2. Ivan galuzin
  3. Eirik Abri (1981- )
  4. High North AiR network
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  6. thelma bonavita
  7. Tokyo Twins
  8. WAVE
  9. Prunk Möbel
  10. Georgia Munnik
  11. Hans Christian van Nijkerk
  12. Emilija Skarnulyte
  13. Eirik Fagerheim Kalsås
  14. Simon G Deluxe
  15. A Promise
  16. Berivan Erdogan
  17. Beate
  18. Mia Olofsson

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