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Cacak, Serbia

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Over the past few years, we have screened dozens of films from all over the world, moving in line with the trends of the global production and searching for authors who kept producing new suprises for both us and you – our interested audience, whom we kept admiring and owing to whom we had so much fun.

A part of the special atmosphere of the previous festival has been preserved in our photo-album, as well as a reminder of the awarded films. If you want to remind yourself of the official festival animated videos, you can visit the ANIMANIMA channel at the Vimeo, where you can find the outstanding creations of leading Serbian animators.

We wanted this small jubilee to be marked by dynamic, creative changes and we are proud to present the new website for the fifth edition of the ANIMANIMA festival. There will be other novelties for this season, but we have to ask you for a little more patience, before we start supplying the information for this year’s interesting festival programmes, the festival guests from the country and abroad, as well as other festival news – all of it will be presented here, at our web pages.

Once again we are filled with joyous trepidation, waiting to see the list of films that will participate in this year’s competition programme, a true treat for the lovers of animation (the Cultural Centre in Čačak is preparing once again for its traditional role of the largest cartoon cinema in Serbia!). Once again, we invite the directors, animators, producers, distributors and all the other interested participants from all the continents to send in their films by 15th June. Let this small jubilee of ANIMANIMA be a great pleasure – for all of us.

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