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My name is Andreas Lugert. I was born in Bayreuth, a small town in Bavaria, Germany. I went a long way round in my life to finally get to this point where I am right now in order to tell you my story.

As a result of my detours I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in various operating systems, programming languages and high-end 3D graphic packages. In addition I am educated in Information Technology, I successfully completed a Digital Film and Animation Degree Program were I also received my in-house Digital Film & Animation Diploma and I graduated in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Digital Film Making. Furthermore I have working experience in different companies where I always worked very well with people of all ages in groups as well as in teams. For my next stop I successfully enrolled as a student at Animation Mentor for the Character Animation program that started in January 2014. If I had to describe myself I would say that I have a slight nature to perfectionism and often catch myself giving thoughts to something even though that might not have been necessary. But on the other side it makes me a more patient guy who for example pays attention to details.

At this moment I want to thank you for taking your time. You will find further details about me, myself and I on the links listed below. Enjoy reading!

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