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Animatieblog is a Dutch website devoted to the wonderous medium of animation.

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  1. Marlyn Spaaij
  2. Wilbert Plijnaar
  3. Niels Dekker
  4. Jonas Ott
  5. GKIDS
  6. Tiny Inventions
  7. Aardman Animations
  8. IMOV studios
  9. Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels
  10. Anikey Studios
  11. Willem Lagerwaard
  12. jim
  13. The Animation Workshop
  14. henrique barone
  15. Fest Anca
  16. Sean Mullen
  17. Tobias Larson
  18. Colorbleed Studios

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  1. Interesting use of techniques. Looking forward to seeing more of the movie. Congratulations on being selected for Annecy!
  2. animatieblog commented on Ear Fear
    Adorable story and beautifully made. Well done!
  3. animatieblog commented on MEGALIZER II
  4. Funny and awesome animation. Well done!