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Is a pioneer festival fighting for egalite in access to culture goods for inhabitants of small towns
Does not want to let culture desert, isolate, and mainly lach of cultural identity
Prevents cultural delay
Contradicts the categorization: culture of small towns and big cities
Is a cultural event organized out side of a big city’s space, on a high artistic level
Pays attention of artistic and opinion-creating environments on cultural events in small towns
Destroys conviction that a provincional spectator is a non-demandind spectator
Is an animation both in the sense of artstic mean of the word and in the sense of educational and social activities
promotes the art of puppet theatre animation, object theatre, picture theatre…
presents the art of animated film
performs musical projects in the convention of theatre show
propagates educational activities dedicated to generation integrity
provokes to discussion on social problems
Is a festival which is dependant on mecenate but ideologically
Dependante on the spectator but creatively independent
Dependant on independent theatres.

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