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West Midlands UK

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Im the guy with the glasses. Or the one with the red shirt, or pink shirt. The one with the spatula. Yep, I do flip mean bbqs and pancakes.

Studying to become a designer and architect.

I promote afrocentricity.

I have ideas. I have notes of ideas. But. I haven't much to help me move forward. Sounds depressing. But I got a couple friends, we are thinking about forming something... Its still formulating...

Inspiration: I'd say YouTube Guys; Pwnisher & Freddiew primarily really got me wanting to get the proverbial ball rolling... And also a hell whole lot of Vimeo and then some!


  1. Tony Zhou
  2. Study in Denmark
  3. Spindle
  4. Planetary Collective
  5. Peter Atencio
  6. The Cool Hunter
  7. Design Academy Eindhoven
  8. MAS
  9. Naoto Ono
  10. Dean Peterson
  11. Parsons SCE
  12. Curbly
  13. Focus Forward Films
  14. The Creators Project
  15. Gizmodo
  16. Christopher White
  18. Andrew Norton

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