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Ankit Gajjar is intermediate rigging artist. After finishing his Specialization Diploma in Rigging & Animation from Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effect ( he knew there is still more to learn so he purchased for more knowledge and now he is studying B.Sc in Graphics & Multi Media from Eiilm University.

Work History :

Sound Recording & Field Work For "The Underrated Companion (Live Action Short Film)"

Freelance Rigging For "Algebreh - Senior Film California College of the Arts"

Freelance Rigging For "JUGNOO - The Magic Within (Bollywood Animated Feature Film)"

Freelance 3D Animator For "Jasco Pumps"

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  • Wordpress - I Like To Share My Work And Also Work Of Other Artist In My Blog, Plus Also Like to Shore Tutorials, Short Films n Musch More.


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