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  1. CG Luso

    by Carlos Cidrais joined

    890 Videos / 277 Members

    Grupo para profissionais de computação gráfica em língua portuguesa. Aberto a empresários, artistas, programadores, engenheiros, estudantes, professores, investigadores,…

  2. Animations, Short Films & Digital Art

    by Andy Nolan joined

    916 Videos / 327 Members

    Videos that inspire. Animated shorts, live action short films, 3D, design, and any motion graphics etc that you would like to share and get exposure.

  3. Game Anim Demo Reels

    by Jonathan Cooper joined

    527 Videos / 551 Members

    This is the only group to specifically showcase your Game Animation Demo Reel, compare and converse with other game animators, and get inspiration for your next reel. To be included, videos should…

  4. FXPHD

    by Vedran Strelar joined

    301 Videos / 325 Members

    Group where fxphd.com postgrads can put their class results. Also feel free to post any video experiments that include fxphd material.

  5. CG/VFX Arabia

    by Osama Al Khader joined

    1,060 Videos / 380 Members

  6. Opening Titles

    by Fabián Valdivia joined

    740 Videos / 428 Members

    openings tv Programs

  7. Lightwave

    by Louis du Mont joined

    640 Videos / 353 Members

    For users of Newteks Lightwave 3D software.

  8. Corporate Communications

    by Napoleon Creative joined

    2,054 Videos / 459 Members

    Corporate communications don't necessarily have the sexy, shareable vibe of virals and ads, but they can still be outstanding piece of video and animation work. Here at Napoleon Creative,…

  9. 3Dsmax-R&D

    by Toufik Mekbel joined

    1,194 Videos / 564 Members

    please only 3dsmax related stuff !

  10. 3dsmax.users

    by Henrique Melo joined

    1,562 Videos / 590 Members

    This group is for all 3ds Max artists.


    by Alessandro Boncio joined

    1,124 Videos / 694 Members

    Dedicated to all lovers of cinema 4d, after effects and compositing who want to know themselves and make known their artistic prowess. No matter if you use After Effects, 3d studio max, maya, c4d.…

  12. Infographics

    by Christian Whiticar joined

    1,150 Videos / 942 Members

    Here lie the Motion Infographics of the Vimeo world.

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