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The starting point for my videos, performances and installations is a curiosity for the society that I'm part of. How did we come to define notions of freedom and individuality as we understand them today in Western-European society? What other social structures can be juxtaposed to this? Being part of a time in which other systems than neo-liberal capitalism are hard to imagine, I find it extremely interesting to explore the potential as well as the dangers of utopic futuristic dreams. I find it interesting to question the role of collectivity in a society - especially in today's Western-European society, where the focus lays so strongly on individual development.

Performing alternative collective structures is the core of my work. These alternative structures are not necessarily better than existing ones, nor less problematic. With them I just like to question the superiority of one certain societal structure over another and propose that power structures should always be questioned and pushed.

I believe that the events and images that I create always end up in between fiction and fact, in between dream and reality. Absurdity and fiction are just magnifications of the construction that reality is anyway. It’s interesting for me as an artist to position myself in a place where the border between absurdity and reality is not so clear. It’s the place where the construction of reality cannot be taken for granted and the viewer has to see what reality he or she makes of it.

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