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Anne Hamilton got her start in filmmaking working as an intern on Terrence Malick's THE TREE OF LIFE getting coffee and shipping horseshoe crabs across the country on dry ice. Her first short film as a writer-director, DEATH ARTISTS, INC., a story about an Angel of Death trying to move up in the world, premiered in the spring of 2013 at the Cannes short film corner. Because of that short film, Anne was selected to be one of eight women to participate in the American Film Institute’s 2014 Directing Workshop for Women - a highly competitive program designed to mentor emerging female directors. Anne's first feature, which she conceived during that workshop, AMERICAN FABLE, was selected to premier at the 2016 SXSW film festival. Before becoming a director, Anne studied philosophy at Notre Dame and Stanford and Law at Yale University. She is from rural Wisconsin and is proud to say that her first job was working on a farm and she knows how to milk a cow.


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