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Hello-I'm Back-Had to re-adjust my channel-Nothing is for sale-I have added a tip jar-to just a few choice video's-why-Just because-but do not expect anything-seeing how it works-I like new things-of truth--My channel is for awareness purposes-Bringing out messages-meanings to choice music-a creative expression-of reality and history past of truth-and with the guidance of Jehovah God.Many of my video's-I am being guided by Jehovah God-working through me to bring a message that speaks to you-USA is the home of the Brave-Land of the free=sin free society=Law n Order under 1 God Jehovah.And he is making his awareness known to many believers and non believers-The Day of Jehovah God-the acceptable year is drawing near.Where the wicked/evil unnatural ones will be no more.Amen.USA is Jehovah God's Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.Amen.I have had a long career-in the works and will of Jehovah God-I can be found in many movie's and as many different singer's in the war-of Love we have survived through many years of tribulations.From the time I was young and short-my family has owned and still does-the Movie industry-ba constant war-to keep KKK evil out.


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