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Albany, NY-based Annie in the Water is a high-energy Acoustic/electric jam group that blends phenomenal vocals into Rock, Reggae, Funk, Groove, Blues, Hip-Hop and Bluegrass to deliver a unique sound and an unforgettable performance. No Annie in the band, just a group of guys that likes to create the best atmosphere possible for customers and fans. With a multitude of genres, exclusive electronic tones and elaborate looping, Annie in the Water bridges a fan base between young and old.
What is really special is the group’s ability to play to any atmosphere whether it be a festival, bar, venue, private party, wedding or dinner music. Beginning in 2007, the band’s presence adapts and the sound evolves with every performance, creating a blend of music and entertainment that is both inspired by and tailored to their audience and environment. Dynamic originals combined with the ability to render current hits and classic tunes in their own creative style are elements that contribute to the perpetual fun atmosphere and great vibes that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. What keeps fans coming back is the excitement of knowing that something different will happen every show since the group likes to incorporate songs within songs and mix-match beatbox with freestyle jams and lyrics.
Each member understands the importance of professionalism and consistency and that is why their popularity not only grows with fans, but with venues and promoters as well. Their social media network provides quantitative proof that Annie in the Water’s sound resonates across the nation and that their fan base spans worldwide…  This is still only the beginning.

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