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7 Days a week! 365 Days a year! 一星期七曰 全年三百六十五日全天候無間段!
Free TV! 免費電視頻道!
It's Bilingual (English/Cantonese) 英語/廣東話節目

Now, on the 2nd April 12noon, 2012, Anniewho is proud to announce the launch of its latest, most exciting venture: Anniewho Lifestyle TV. “Anniewho On A Mission” on Anniewho Lifestyle.TV is a whole new experience in the world of lifestyle television. It is about discovering, having fun, learning, awareness, knowledge, style, trend and exposure. Sourcing Hosts from all around the world, Anniewho Lifestyle TV promises to deliver both fresh and familiar faces for its Hong Kong.

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