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anonymous bodies is an interdisciplinary performance company co-directed by Kate Watson-Wallace and Jaamil Olawale Kosoko that creates movement installations for galleries, site based locations, and proscenium stage venues. They draw upon the traditions of visual art, post-modern dance, site-specific study, conceptual and performance art, audience participation and public spectacle. They engage with communities by casting local performers in new versions of the work in the spaces that they spend their daily lives. They have received numerous awards including a 2012 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival LAB Fellowship and 2007 Pew Fellowship in the Arts in Choreography, among others. Their work takes audiences on intimate, human-scale journeys, seamlessly integrating movement, video, sound and set. Known for their creative use of ordinary space, anonymous bodies “has a gift for making pockets of space feel infinite. Wild imagination ruled.” (The New York Times)

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