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Gábor Deutsch is a Budapest/Berlin based hungarian electronic music producer, mixing and mastering engineer and urban photographer. He's using pseudonyms like Anorganik, Raster, Gary Blade for different genres. His first album Contrast released on Mole Listening Pearls label in 2000, later he founded with his mates Hungary's first drum and bass label Subscope Recordings, teamed up with his friend Ghost Warrior to establish their drum and bass duo called Nightshift. He made tracks as Raster for Chi Recordings, also founded with DJ Soneec a house label called Lip Recordings.His tracks and remixes were released on more than 80 CD and Vinyl compilations all around the world. In the last 6 years he has been working as a mixing and mastering engineer, co-producer and remixer for Hungarian electronic, rock & jazz bands and producers,also composing music for short-films and commercials.
Contact / DJ/LIVE Bookings /Remix / Production / Mix+Mastering inquries:
contact [at] anorganik [dot] net
+36 70 333 99 06
+49 151 468 78 108

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