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Born in Warwick Hospital in 1988.
Raised in Coventry (West Midlands).
Mum was at home for the first half of my life and went on to become a Primary School Teacher.
Dad was always involved in textile development and chemical sampling/analysis.
One brother and two sisters - we would fight a lot and we would play a lot - fought the right amount.
I fell into the world of fine art despite it being somewhat detached from the concerns of the average working proletariat (egalitarian and widely misunderstood).
Needed an excuse to continue practicing art and chose to use the higher education route as a way of facilitating this.
Studied at Dartington College of Arts.
Continued to explore the arts and their manifestation in the contemporary western world.
Currently developing community arts projects and exploring how the body and body language can mediate space as it is in turn mediated through the camera perspective.

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