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I am a Writer/Author, Photographer and a Former Private Investigator and a Retired Colonel in the Military.
I was also a Reporter, Journalist for over 25 years. I love to travel and during my Travels almost around the world I stumbled upon secrets that I was not supposed to know about. When I wrote articles about the secrets then my life became a living hell.

I believe that sometimes in life there is a reason why certain events must happen and now I fully understand why those events had to happen to me.

A Shocking True Explosive Story has all been told in DeadLock Conspiracy Novels that will consist of 8 Novels in all.

Immediate Download of Novels One & Two at:

DeadLock Conspiracy is also at:

Find out how a Government can destroy one person's life with one key stroke.

One Key Stroke and your life becomes a living hell.

You say it cannot happen to you?

I said the same thing many years ago but then I found out otherwise.

Find out to what lengths Governments will go to shut you up and what means and resources and people they will use to destroy you.

I fought for Freedom and Justice and Liberty.

Find out how far I had to go and how far I got.

Don't turn your back because your enemy is behind you lurking in the shadows waiting to murder you. This is how far a Government will go to hide their dirty secrets. Unfortunately I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I discovered their secrets and for that I paid the ultimate price for over 30 years of my life.

DeadLock Conspiracy is my true story One Novel after another but my Novels is not just Novels or ordinary Novels or just another true story. It is the most powerful true story ever written!

My Readers from around the world have totally enjoyed reading DeadLock Conspiracy Novel One and Novel Two.

How did I survive the brutality and the physical torture of the Government? How did I escape? Where did I go? Who are these criminals that hide behind the flag to do their dirty work in order to get even because you stumbled on their dirty secrets? Who will stop them? How far did they go and will they go to stop me from exposing the truth?

The World now knows? Do you want to know?

A Shocking True Story of the Century!

Buy DeadLock Conspiracy Novel One and Novel Two today and your eyes will be opened forever about the truth.

DeadLock Conspiracy is not a Biography but an actual True Story written as a Novel with actual conversation.

Anthony Martini

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