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Anthony-Masterson are
Christine Anthony
and Owen Masterson.
Award winning husband and wife documentary filmmakers and photographers.

Documentary films:
TERRA FIRMA (61mins)
Premiered Sarasota Film Festival 2014
Winner 2014 Rome I'ntl Film Fest
Winner 2015 Cinema Verde Film Fest
Winner 2015 Colorado Env Film Fest

GROW! (60mins) 2011
Winner Multiple Film Festivals
Currently available for download and DVD w/30 mins of Bonus Extras.

For Georgia Organics/USDA
51 Episodes

FARM! - Documentary Short
YOU'RE A WHAT? - Documentary Short
CHILD'S PLAY - Suspense Short
Global Growers-Promo
Georgia Organics Mentor Program
Urban Ag - Series
PSA Series:
"Support Your Local Farmer"
"Who Grows Your Food?"
Moore Family Farms - Promo
Little Country Giants - Music Video

Photography: Travel / Interiors / Food / People / Lifestyle / Nature for national magazines and advertising.

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