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I am a director living and working in Hollywood, CA. For the last year I have been represented commercially by Blend ( and is the founder of Manifest Film ( he has developed a reputation for creating live action adaptations of popular video game franchises like The Last of Us and Borderlands 2 as well as producing and directing commercial content for a variety of high end clients such as Porsche, Mastercard and Nordstrom.

I take pride in consistently taking a project from concept through final delivery, overseeing and participating in every step along the way from writing and storyboards through editing, vfx and color correction.

With a vast network, honest work ethic, and a unique sensibility that focuses on practicality, I have developed the ability to execute extremely high concept projects with limited resources. As such, I consistently deliver a final product that would be very difficult to achieve without my involvement. To find out more please contact me at

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