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Madison, Wisconsin

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About me... well for starters I am a very passionate person, everything I do I put my heart into. I'm honest, loyal, kind, fun, witty, smart, and strong willed. I love being a father and a family man. I love children...I'm blessed with a 16 year old son “Jacob” and 12 nieces and nephews and I spend any chance I can get with them.

Really the most important thing to me is Christ Jesus! I could go on about this and indeed I will if you ask, but there is just a few things I want to tell you. You need a relationship with God!! How else can you live life free from the ways of this world? No... I don't mean pews, gowns, and crowns and all the off the wall religious stuff... I mean, living the life God intended... with peace, love, faithfulness, joy, integrity, stability etc.! Look its easy, God is the Father and loves us! He knew all the harm that worldly things and thoughts could do to us!

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