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By forging an amalgam of movement, sound, video, and installation, anthrocollagik co. seeks to bring dance to a new audience, in a new way.

Co-directors Amy Ling Huynh and Christina Leyva extract the essence of their individual practices in order to form a cohesive whole that transcends traditional presentations of dance and music. Thriving on collaboration, Leyva, choreographer, and Huynh, musician and visual artist, complement each others’ processes, while bringing on additional talent to support visual and aural elements of the work. Fascinated by biology and cartography,
their process of abstraction explores the topics in connection with the interface between dance, art, and music.

Public yet personal, anthrocollagik co. communicates a vast yet intimate experience of place. In their latest body of site-specific work, they contemplate the microcosms of greater Los Angeles, asking, “do we inhabit spaces, or do spaces inhabit us?” Leyva shape-shifts through traditional and modern movement while Huynh combines sampling and electric guitar in live performance. At its origin, each piece has a foundation of improvisation and synergistic flow; by completion, it has retained the memory of multiple unique experiences of the space and a multitude of silent stories, a personal history marked in the movement that becomes the culminating performance for the audience.

At the edge of the urbane and the natural, anthrocollagik co. forgoes the limits of definition, unifying the moving body to its sound and its color, to create a narrative about a single moment, a single time and place, that is approaching and then already passing.

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