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Antithesis is the brainchild of London College of Fashion alumni Renée Lacroix and Zahra Ash-Harper. We are a ‘grass roots’ brand breaking away from the fashion mainstream through slow design by creating garment that are versatile, practical as well as physically and emotionally durable.

Taking inspiration from the powerful 21st century woman who uphold frantic work/social lives, we want to help them make the transition between day and night, work and leisure, casual and formal. We cherish individuality and wish to challenge our audience to get creative with the styling of their wardrobes and discovering new ways of wearing their garments. Our multi-functional pieces aim at contributing to a new consumerism philosophy advocating quality over quantity.

Antithesis is about choice. We seek to become the chosen brand for women ‘in the know’. Antithesis and the female consumer choose each other as we share a common perspective in believing the cost of consuming fashion should be offset to the benefit of society and the environment.

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