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Miami, Florida

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Accomplished Chief Creative Officer with 15+ years in the Broadcast Media and Television Industry. Proven track record of delivering cutting-edge creativity with Award-Winning talent in both domestic and international markets.

Skilled in total project management and team development; effectively hired, trained, mentored and supervised dozens of in-house creatives, sales/support staff, and outside vendors.

Experienced in providing the creative and visual driving force to execute an outstanding, cohesive, compelling look and feel.

Responsible for building a highly recognized creative team while encouraging new ideas plus innovative “Outside the Box” thinking. Developed a world-class product to complement marketing/sales deliverables in generating Ad sales revenue and increasing brand awareness, as well as effectively engaging viewers to strengthen loyalty by delivering the most accurate and efficient message to specific target audiences.

Overall Creativity for the TV Industry
On-Air Promos
On-Air Strategic Planning and Scheduling
Graphic Design and Illustration
Broadcast Design and Animation
Brand Campaigns
Launch Campaigns
Advertising across multiple cultures and platforms.
Collateral and Printed Materials
Sales Tapes and Presentations
Music - Original Score
Music Sync Licensing
and more importantly, passion for creativity.

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