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Currently Antonio Velaz is pursuing Public Relations. He is a Personal Assistant to Celebrities. His job is to ensure that their lives run exceptional smooth by creating an organized foundation. He achieves this by exacting skills sets, bringing pertinent experience, innovative and versatile resourcefulness, a positive persona with well-grounded optimism and an unrelentless perseverance that produces results and completes goals.

Antonio has also pursued two of his own ventures. He is the Founder of Save The Teen Program. This is program was created in 2006 and its goal is to keep students positive by allowing them to have a small experience of the entertainment industry. The inspiration behind this program was VH1’s Save The Music, whose goal is to keep music alive among our youth and in schools. Realizing that there are not many companies that are willing to take these young adults seriously, Antonio started this program. The program works with young adults, usually during their high school years. It provides information and motivation to the many talented youth who would love to learn about the entertainment industry and its inner workings. His program discusses many artists, celebrities, genres and their rise to stardom.

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