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Anton van der Linden is a filmmaker born and raised in The Netherlands. Van der Linden creates visuals on a variety of media platforms with music video, advertising and film.

Van der Linden spent most of his childhood in front of the TV, making short films, skateboard videos and dance videos with his friends.

Anton has produced over 100 short films and was accepted into the School of Arts, Time Based Media program at the University of Northern Groningen where he specialized in directing and editing.

Since then, Anton has been directing/filming/editing musicvideos, trailer, shorts and eventualy want to make movies. Anton’s body of work includes music videos for Dope D.O.D., Noisia, Kraantje Pappie, T-killah, Makebelieve, Mulu, Matisse and Sadko, Ollie James, Sean Price, Rachel Sermani, Chew Fu and Ronnie Flex.

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