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New York City

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Astronauts of Antiquity varied eclecticism has garnered them comparisons to Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, and Bitter:sweet and tags ranging from “urban-electro-organica,” to a “jazzy, neo-soulful, electronic exploration." The band’s latest album, Rocket Science, showcases their ability to bridge club and lounge music with dub, trance, electronica, jazzy neo-soul, while still retaining listener-friendly pop hooks and sensibility. You can hear it from the first notes of the album opener, “Everywhere,” with its luscious, loungy vibe and India’s powerful yet subtle vocals enveloping the track. It’s present in “Beautiful Fate,” where India’s smoky, seductive vocals mingle with emotionally affecting lyrics and a hypnotic melody and rhythm track that brings to mind Kid A-era Radiohead.

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