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Born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan in 1984, Aoi Yamaguchi has been trained to master the basics of calligraphy by learning under the Master since at the age of 6, while refining her knowledge and skills. She is a recipient of numerous awards including the First Place prize from the Minister of Education at 44th Asahi Calligraphy Nationwide School Exhibit, Superior First Place at 33rd National Students Calligraphy Exhibition and others that are known as the supreme prizes at competitive public exhibitions. As a noteworthy event, she was nominated to participate in the group, 4th Hokkaido Elementary and Junior High Students Visit to China in 2000, representing the country of Japan and participated in calligraphy exchange sessions at Palace of Pupils of China, known as the sanctuary of special education for brilliant children. Landed in the United Stated in 2004, she is determined in her indomitable endeavor to popularize and develop the art of calligraphy worldwide. Her works show her exploration in juxtaposing the traditional Eastern classics and her contemporary artistic expressions, as well as her unique ambition of transforming two-dimensional art of Japanese Calligraphy into the art of physical expression through performances. Currently living in Oakland, she has been working on her unique calligraphy installation, exhibition, live performances, custom logo designs and art works internationally, as she pursues her career to preserve traditional arts with music in the modern world.

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