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  1. 04:30:08

    2012 Conference & Expo

    by AOTA

    18 Videos

    The AOTA 92nd Annual Conference & Expo will be one of the most vibrant and formidable gatherings of occupational therapy professionals ever experienced. Register Today! http://www.aota.org/conference

  2. 13:00:47

    ACTOR Conference

    by AOTA

    18 Videos

    Day 1 and 2 of The Accelerating Clinical Trials and Outcomes Research (ACTOR) Conference. December 1-2, 2011

  3. 19:05

    Capitol Hill Updates

    by AOTA

    3 Videos

    Tim Nanof and Ralph Kohl discuss issues and happenings on the hill. Submit your questions to fad@aota.org and visit www.aota.org/takeaction

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