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Sydney, NSW

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Ape BC are an alternative rock band based out of Sydney, Australia. The band’s simple focus is to write music that is considered innovative and accessible.

In 2010, Mike Hayes set out to form a band with this unique but accessible sound in mind. Recruiting Craig Monika on drums for what was to be a killer 3-track EP intended for enticing potential members, the two decided to begin working together. Rick Thomas was quickly assigned to bass duties and the three began writing and rehearsing.

With a uniform appreciation for 90's Alternative Rock, and an equal distaste for the electronic movement that followed in popular music, Ape BC set out to build on what is best described as the evolution of 90's rock. Perhaps - a popularisation of the still solid underground alternative rock music scene.

When questioned about the name, Mike gives little away - "It's just a play on words. But someone once asked me 'Do you mean Apes Before Christ!?' No. But I guess that works too".

Still seeking a fourth member to take the reigns as lead guitarist, Ape BC go forth as a solid three-piece, with inevitably awesome songs yet to be written.

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