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]performance s p a c e [ is an artist led non-profit organisation that provides studio and project space.

]performance s p a c e [ is different to conventional studio space in its approach and set up, as each studio artist has use of a large communal space, with the option of a permanent desk space. Space is available on a sliding-scale basis. This means artists are able to 'pay what they can' in order to become part of the community of studio artists and widen our performance network.

The ethos of ]performance s p a c e [ is that it’s good to work together; sharing informa­tion, resources and engaging in critical discussion about each others practice. The studio space addresses our interest in and the necessity of the work between events and pieces; its open-plan layout across two floors encouraging dialogue between works and people.

]performance s p a c e [ aims to cultivate live work that critically and physically pushes the boundaries of body and space. It is a place where work can unfold without restraints of curation, duration or space; commit­ted to supporting challenging and difficult work that embraces performance art as an ever-evolving medium.

]performance s p a c e [ strives to act as a hub or home to national and international artists in transit; developing the performance art network, a supportive community and act as a place of research and dissemination outside mainstream education and gallery structures.

The space is also used for workshops, exhibitions and events, providing all studio artists the opportunity to organise and realise their own projects.

All artists have access to an extensive performance library and technical equipment.

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