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Apostolia Papadamaki
Choreographer/Director/Performer/Performance artist

Apostolia was born in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Her degree in Physical Education stimulated her to further explore dance movement. After graduating from the Greek National School of Dance, she studied new dance techniques in New York (1993-95), with scholarships from the Onassis Foundation, the Goulandris Foundation and the Merce Cunningham Studio.

From 1996-2001 she was the Artistic Director of Sinequanon Dance Co. and a leader for the development of contemporary dance in Greece. At that period she created several full-evening pieces for the company and presented them in Greece, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Cyprus, Finland, France: Transmutations, Jarden, Buster Keaton, Eros and Psyche, Temps Tendre, Tour de Force (honorary distinction at the International Choreographic Competition of Seine - Saint- Denis ’96).

In September 2002 she left Sinequanon for purely artistic reasons and founded QUASI STELLAR having as aim to research and develop more her vision. Since then Quasi Stellar has collaborated with acclaimed Greek and foreign artists of all disciplines and presented works in major festivals in Greece and abroad. (Fabricca Europa, Aerowaves, Julidans, etc.) Her projects have been performed in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brasil, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK and the US.

In September 2004, Apostolia Papadamaki was the appointed choreographer for the 12th Paraolympic Games Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium of Athens. She created a 25 minutes choreography of “Humanity” with 250 professional dancers and 350 amateurs which had great response from both national and international press and audiences. She also directed /choreographed the opening ceremony for the European Gymnastics championship in Volos 2006 and the opening ceremony for the European Youth Presidency of greece Athens 2005.

Apostolia, simultaneously with developing her own work, has been commissioned to create choreographic works for other dance groups at the Zodiak - Center for New Dance – Helsinki (Finland), National Theatre of Nothern Greece, M.T.D. Opera – Ankara (Turkey), Brooklyn Academy of Music (USA) etc.

Apostolia has been choreographing for theatre and opera since 1996 in Greece and abroad. She has choreographed more than 15 productions for the national theatre of Greece.She has directed the 3 hour opera by claudio Mondeverdi , incoronazzione di Poppea for the Athens festival 2011.

In November 2005, she was appointed by the Greek Minister of Culture, to be the President of the board of the State School of Dance. She is also a Member of the Board for the Center of Ancient Greek Drama, member of I.E.T.M and member of the Hellenic network for the Theatre in education.
She has choreographed international movies and comersials (Kings of Mykonos, DOS, Toyota auris 2012, Nivea france, Corona Mexico, Emboriki bank a.o)Currently she directs the Quasi Stellar studio which is an independant space for classes, workshop and research.She has been directing/choreographing large scale shows combining live music, dance,video projections,stand up comedy and acrobatics.
She is specialized in movement for actors in Ancient Greek Drama and has choreographed over 15 productions at the ancient amphitheater of Epidaurus.
She is a member of the board of the Center for Ancient Greek Drama for 10 years now and teaches classes and workshops to adults and children.

A PLACE TO BE (2012-13)
Lux Aeterna (2011)
Electric Girl(2008)
Mano a Mano (2007)
Vima Argo - Opening Ceremony for the European Gymnastics Championship: (2006), Volos, Greece.
Superlux: (2006)
Handbook for the Change of the World: (2005) Mixed media performance for the Opening of the European Youth Week
Anatomy of Memory (2005)
12th Paraolympic Games Opening Ceremony: (2004) The Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece
Arena Metropolity: (2004)
Icon Skin (The Beauty Series): (2004)
Human Female Study (The Beauty Series)
Paradise, Look into My Eyes: (2003)
The Decline and Fall: Solo (2001).
Transmutations: (2001)

Rebounds October 3rd: (2004-2008)
Jarden: (1999)
Buster Keaton: (1999)
Eros and Psyche: (1997)
Temps Tendre: (1997)
You hoo, you who?: (1996)
Tour de Force: (1996)
Full Wall Ahead: (1995)
The B-room: (1994)

Comissioned works & collaborations:

Tanec Prague - The Castle Project: (2002).
East, West, North, South: (2002) the Municipality Theatre of Patras, Greece.
Eros Pandoriana Pandora: (2002) Modern Dance Turkey, Ankara Production commissioned and performed at National Opera of Ankara with Modern Dance Turkey.
“I am Blood": (2001) Avignon Festival, France, collaborated as a performer with Jan Fabre.
Phoenix 700: (2001) National Theatre of Northern Greece
Xenakis: an Homage (Rebounds + Persephassa): (2000) Commissioned by the Full Moon Festival and the Zodiak Centre for New Dance, Helsinki, performed at the Full Moon Festival, Pyhäjärvi, Finland, (2000). Moving in November Festival, (2000).

Directions/Choreographies for THEATER/OPERA
Klik in Lahanoxaxanoxora(2011) Children s musical(composed and written by Tassos Ioanides)
Incoronazzione di Poppea (2011)Opera in three acts, Athens Festival , Onassis Stegi Grammaton
Remember Those Years,(2007)A tribute to the Greek Operetta ,Commissioned from the Greek National Opera House

Jokasta (opera): (2002) the International Festival of Delphoi, Greece
(Direction/choreography for 3 soloists, 18 men chorus and live orchestra)

Choreographies for THEATRE/ OPERA:
Un Ballo di Mascera (2011)National Opera house,Greece
Trisevgeni(2011) National Theater of Greece
Illusion Comique(2010) National Theatre of Greece
The third Crown(2009) National Theater of Greece
The Persians (2008) Municipality Theater of Larissa
Andromache(2007) National Theater of Greece(Epidaurus)
Greek Insomnia (2006) Embros Theatre
Eric the 4th (2006) National Theatre of Greece/ Main Stage/Rex theatre
The Persians (Aeschylus): (2006) National Theatre of Greece / Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
Don Quixote: (2005) National Theatre of Greece / Children’s Stage
Playback: (2005) Art Syndicate productions / Hora Theatre
Pouskin: (2003) Museum of Contemporary Art of Athens
Our Town: (2003) Dimitris Horn Theatre, Athens, Greece
Ion: (2003) National Theatre of Greece, Epidaurus

Oedipus Rex - Oedipus at Colonus: (2002) National Theatre of Greece
Medea: (2001) The Athens Festival, Epidaurus Amphi-Theatre, Director S. Evaggelatos
Nameless Fairytale: (2001) Municipality Theatre of Volos/ Patras
Chessboard Fugitives (opera): (1999) Children’s Opera, National Opera Theatre and the Ivi Theatre, Athens Theodorakis:(2000) Muncipal Theatre of Patras
Mysteries of Eleusis: (1998) Multinational dance theatre spectacle, commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music/ Majestic Theatre, Next Wave Festival, New York.
History of a Soldier: (1998) Music & Theatre performance commissioned by the Megaron, Athens/ small Epidaurus Theatre, Greece
Electra: (1996) Ancient Greek Tragedy, the National Theatre of Greece/ ancient Epidaurus Theatre, Greece and the City Centre Theatre, New York
The Festivals performed
since Apostolia has founded Quasi Stellar in 2002:

Nadine (Brussels)

Mess Theater Festival (Sarajevo)

Int’l Contemporary Dance Festival (Sao Paolo)

XI. International Theatre Festival (Bogota)
Teatro Gilberto (Bogota)

Tanec Prague (Prague)

Gallus Theater (Frankfurt)
Treffpunkt (Stuttgart)

Danc Europa (Tel Aviv)

Festival Civitanova Danza (Ancona)
Opera Estate Festival (Bassano)
Fabbricca Europa (Florence)
Short Formats Festival (Milan)
Teatro Out / Off (Milan)
Teatro Fondamente Nuove (Venice)

Seongnam Dance Festival, Seoghnam Arts Center (Seoul)

Lithuanian Int’l Contemporary Dance Festival (Kaunas)
New Baltic Dance Festival (Vilnius)

II. Balkan Dance Platform (Skopje)

Julidans (Amsterdam)

No Fundo Do Fundo /A Sul Contemporary Dance Festival (Faro, Lisbon)

Sibiufest (Sibiu)

Mladi Levi Festival (Ljublijana)

Festival Escena Contemporanea (Madrid)
Laboral Escena-Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura (Gijón-Asturias)

E. L. D. Studio (Stockholm)

Leap Festival (Liverpool)
Merseyside Dance Festival (Liverpool)
Aerowaves (London)


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