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aquamotion film & tv production, Stefanie Voigt is a professional documentary producer, director, camera woman underwater and on land, underwater stunt talent as well as model and on-camera host since more than 20 years.

Stefanie was one of the first women to work professionally in the field of underwater media. As PADI Scuba Instructor, underwater stunt/talent & model, documentary producer/director, host and underwater camera, security and technical diver (Rebreather, Nitrox), UW-Archaeology, journalist and stunt- woman (Charlie's Angels), Stefanie has gained her multifaceted experience through a diversity of fields and projects. "

Working with renowned underwater cinematographers like Pete Romano and underwater photographers like Stephen Frink and Barry Kulick, Stefanie also assisted during the HDTV production "On a Single Breath - The Extreme Sport of Freediving" with Tanya Streeter as host which was produced by ASL Productions Inc. and 24fps Productions Inc.

Stefanie also filmed several making-of productions with celebrities like Christie Brinkley, MTV/360 Mafia, an underwater live feed during Mariah Carey MTV Music Awards and sequences for Discovery & Animal Planet.

Stefanie also played a part as actress and filmed the underwater sequence for the short film "Self" for the Miami Incubator Competition which won the 1st place. Being an on-camera underwater talent and 2nd DOP for "Underwater video Basics", producing "underwater music videos" and filming various projects around the world, Stefanie aka 'aquawoman' continues to add credits to her multifaceted resume.

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