Mahmoud Sulayman Alsharqawy

Damietta, Egypt, Free Egyptian!

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* My life experiences have led me to strive to help others move their lives in a positive direction,

exploring opportunities that would otherwise be closed to them.

I hope that what transpires here is reflective of my beliefs & can be benefiting for anyone's inner strength.

Psychology, Astronomical, Astrology, Creative Writing, Creative editing, Web developing, Web Designing-marketing, Importing & Exporting services, Dumyat's Manufactured Furniture Exporting, All Inclusive Computing Services (Soft-ware), Humanity Services, Public-relations, importing/exporting services, e-marketing, research...
≈♥≈ Dare to Dream ≈♥≈

بحثي الدائم هو عن الحقيقة .؛. أينما كانت .؛. وكيفما تكون

إنَّ الحُبَّ هو الأمنية في حياتي .؛. هو قلبي و نفسي و ذاتي

هو الذكرى المؤلمة .؛. هو الأيام القادمة

هو الدموع المُحرقة .؛. وهو الشمس المُـشرقة

هو هِدايـَـتي .؛. هو أنتِ ♥ حبيبتي

I am a continual work in progress.

I strive for equality, balance and compatibility -

- driven by my innate sense of fairness.

Take it one day at a time ;

valuing all things with such an openness as to provide not only the proper balance, but to allow for proper action when needed.

I am validated by doing my best to fulfill my intention.

I am empowered by a vested interest and my asset is attention to detail.


C'est la vie
Et ce sont les personnes


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