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Since 1987 I have photographed the natural history world with a particular eye on the marine & underwater environment both in tropical and temperate waters around the world. In the process I developed a healthy addiction to jet fuel and will take to the air whenever possible to cover stories from all three perspectives of air, land and sea.

In 2012 we launched Aquaterrafilms to expand my visual work through the moving image, using in particular, the raw power of Red 5K DSMC cameras.

Through our production company and our photo expedition company , both based in Maine, we produce natural history documentary shorts for the commercial and documentary market while continuing to create and lead extraordinary global wildlife expeditions for dedicated underwater image-makers.

Maine is where we live. Maine, together with the rest of the world is where we work.

This Vimeo channel will showcase our work.
Thanks for watching.

Mauricio Handler

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